Sierra Spring Family Wellness Center


Office visit.  This is  a 15-minute visit for treating one or two health issues, depending on their complexity.  Additional issues require further office visits.

Preventive visit.  This is a 30-minute visit ONLY for addressing preventive medicine issues and NOT for treating or managing illness.  Examples of what we would cover would be cancer screening (prostate, breast, PAP, colon, skin etc), immunizations, review of diet and exercise, smoking counseling, family health history, blood tests to screen for high cholesterol, diabetes etc. and a screening physical exam. If time permits, significant health problems can be addressed, but an additional office visit charge and copay are required. 

Annual Wellness Visit (Medicare). This is a 30-minute visit ONLY for addressing preventive issues and does NOT include a physical exam.  Hearing, vision, immunizations, cancer screenings, diet and exercise counseling, discussion of Advance Directives, review/update of your medical history, and a written preventive plan for the next 10 years are some of the topics covered. Medicare does not pay for annual physicals, even with a secondary gap insurance.  This must be done at least 366 days after the previous Annual Wellness Visit, even if the previous AWV was performed at another doctor's office.

Well child visit.  This is a preventive visit for people under 18 years of age.  Like an adult preventive visit, it is for addressing preventive medicine issues and not for treating or managing illness.  Examples of what we would cover would be assessment of hearing, vision, growth, development, diet; counseling about common anticipated age-appropriate health topics, immunizations, screening blood and urine tests.

Nurse only visit.  This is a visit that does not require face to face contact with a provider, for simple issues such as flu shots , skin tests for tuberculosis, pregnancy tests, etc.



We request that new patients arrive 15-20 minutes before their appointment, and established patients 10 minutes early.  If you are late for your arrival time, please call our office.  We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals, but may have to reschedule to another time or date.  Arriving more than 10 minutes late will be considered a late arrival.


If you are not able to make your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance so that we may use the time for another client.  Failure to notify our office 24 hours in advance will be considered a late cancellation.

A $25 fee for a no show, late arrival, or late cancellation will be waived the first time only. After two no shows/late arrivals/late cancellations, a credit card number will be required to be placed on file for payment of future fees before making your next appointment.
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